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Superior craftsmanship with unique designs to match your style. Using the finest hides and materials to create your masterpiece.


You may contact us with any questions you have. I am open minded and will consider making anything.


Leather work has been my hobby and passion for many years. This isn't even close to being a complete gallery of everything I have done. Here's a Sample.

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Chapman Leather Goods

Hello, my name is Brian Chapman and I have a passion for creating tooled leather goods. My mother had a Tandy set of leather tools from the 1960’s and I remember working on small projects with her as a child. She hadn’t touched that set since the early 80’s so she let me take it home about 20 years ago.

Since then my knowledge and skills have grown tremendously. That small set has turned into a full range of tools covering my workbench, shelves and drawers.

I enjoy working with the traditional Sheridan style patterns but really love creating new unique goods.

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